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Cable analyzer series DTX-1800 CableAnalyzer ™ - a platform for testing and certification of cables/links. 
The device significantly reduces the time needed to test cable installations. Cable Category 6 in 9 seconds, and testing fiber-optic installation in 12 seconds. DTX CableAnalyzer ™ guarantees the level of accuracy Level IV, which confirms the findings of the independent laboratory for measurement, standardization and certification. The device accurately determines the location and cause of the failure of the entire length of the cable until the connection and recommends actions necessary to remove. Frequency measuring range of 40 to 900 MHz allows the measurement meets all current standards. Simple and intuitive decision support software provides instant reporting.

  • Measuring time in category 6 in 9 seconds,
  • The ability to connect with OTDR modules - DTX Compact OTDR,
  • The level of accuracy Level IV,
  • Testing and certification of 10GBASE-T,
  • Determing damage location,
  • Measuring up to 900 MHz,
  • USB port for connection to PC.
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Instruments - Fluke DTX1800